Pastor Sean

Sean Stanfield:  Lead Follower/Pastor

First of all what is a lead follower.  Pastors sometimes seems to put people too much on a pedestal and makes it more about them than the message of Hope we believe in.  Also being a follower means my life is not perfect.  I screw up like a lot of people but what I know is that through Christ and the Holy Spirit I have a hope, a life and love.  So it is in this that my prayer is that you tag along with me as I try to follow Christ the best I can.

Ok who am I…I’m a pastor with the United Methodist church but have been in a lot of other churches seeking answers.  From Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Church of God to Wesleyan and what I know is that so many churches make what they do about themselves instead of the people they serve.  So on this quest I have ended up in the United Methodist church.  I love that they love people and they believe in standing in the gap against the social injustice in this world.  I believe that we exist to love God and love people completely, unconditionally and with all that we are.  Now….I am not perfect.  We all have our moments out of that love relationship.  I have been there…In my late teens to early twenties I was drinking…a lot…and experimenting with all kinds of drugs and yes lots of different ones.  It wasn’t until I met Robin my wonderful wife that things moved in a different direction for me in my life.  I began to find in her the love and grace of Christ which I needed desperately in my life at this point.  It was then that I received my freedom from some addictions that honestly could have hurt me and ruined a lot of other things.  God set me on a different path in my life.  Now I didn’t catch the God train right off the bat believe me.  I was more worried about raising a family and trying to recoup from a job I had lost.  I worked in retail for many many years and it taught me one thing….that I really hated retail.  No seriously, I learned that I love people and in that environment you see it in many forms, shapes, colors and sizes.  However my view of people never changed.

I realized that I was not the only one screwed up in this world.  So I was drawn to help change lives where I was.  I began in student ministry and then to church plant as pastor in North GA.  Then we moved to Knoxville where I worked retail and helped in children’s ministry then back home to Hendersonville to help with kids again and then to a full time pastor position. I am following the greatest person I know….Jesus.  I trust him and I am absolutely in love with Him.

So this is me….a follower of Christ, not perfect, a lover of people and wanting to change the world the best way I can.  I really hope you join us in this amazing adventure.  It is going to be the hardest thing you have ever done but also the most fun.  You will laugh and cry at the same time and see God do some cray cray things.

In Christ!

Sean Stanfield (Lead Pastor of Dalewood/Aldersgate UMC)


Education for people that may be interested:

Graduate of Liberty Theological Seminary.  Masters in Religion, Masters in Religious Ed and MDIV in Pastoral Leadership


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