The Time is Now

Today has been a good and an emotionally tough day…last night was amazing seeing these young men work so hard and claim the title. You know your heart just bursts for them because of all the hard work and countless hours they put in. However….last night was a reminder that there is still so much work for the people of the church to do. As I wait to go into the gym what I see is tons of people coming into a school…a high school gym and all of them having to been searched or scanned for weapons….

It breaks my heart that we have come to this point. A high school….why….not because of gun control….no not because of a gun ban but honestly the church has refused to step in and become the bearers of hope, love and a way to non-violence. I have never felt so broken hearted today as I reflected on it during this time of lent.

What if it was my son or daughters at a school that had a shooting…what if it was my friends son or daughter, what if it was one of our athletes that we have loved on and prayed over….

My heart breaks because it is time to stop just lighting candles and posting “praying for _________” this city, state or school on social media (I’m just as guilty). It is time for action. It is time for the church to RISE up….It is time for a Great Awakening…It is time for Revival to happen. What does that mean…hearts on fire for a change, hearts ablaze for things to stop and new things to start. My prayer this lenten season is for my heart and the churches I serve to be so passionate about making a difference that we are willing to walk into the darkness and say “No More!” and let the peace of Christ move in a mighy way.

Please Pray with me….Spirit Move and Move Now…

Blessing!  PS #Rev



“Holy Spirit, you poured yourself out on the people of the early church, pour yourself out on us now. Jesus, you said you had to go away so that the Holy Spirit, the advocate, the counselor would come and it was so. Come once again Holy Spirit as the advocate that we all need, as the counselor we all need, and as the helper we all need. Come Holy Spirit, fan your flames of love and empowerment, set us on fire for you once again. Bring life to each of our dry bones. Amen.” Rev. Abi

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