The Big Wait

You know waiting really…  I hate waiting for test results from doctors, scores from school, people taking too long to get ready in the morning, my son in the shower.  Whatever it is I struggle with the wait.  I will be honest, I am ADD and also very impatient.  So let’s just say waiting is not a top priority in my life but God a lot of times forces me there to slow me down.  It really ties into my sabbath and other things as well.  I do not sabbath well at all because I always feel like I have to be doing  something.  So let’s just say that in the waiting I struggle.

So the combination of ADD and impatience is a place where it leads to some of my growing edges.  Staying on track, leading the charge but forgetting the ones behind me and at times some a struggle with really thinking through processes (I’m getting better at this).  Now visioning…I got that down.  it is funny I took a test a few months ago and it classified me as a quick start.  Well that’s stereotyping….just kidding.  Actually it sounds a lot more positive to me.  “Yes I am a quick start!” 

In all this I would like to propose a question:  Can a person be impatient, ADD, quick start be used for a greater good in the Kingdom of God?  Is it good for the church?

Too me…I would say yes.  People like me who are impatient, ADD, hate to wait are the ones who seem to have more of a Holy discontent.  No, this is not a bad thing but it is a good thing, why?  Non-waiting people are discontent with same ole, same ole.  They are discontent with status quo.  They are discontent with radical injustice. They are discontent with the church not standing in the gap for people but are just waiting patiently for the church’s death.  This is where an ADD-impatient person can lead.  This person needs to lead out of their passions.  They need to lead with their “white hot why” (Bill Hybels), in the forefront.  They need to lead people from here to there (another Hybels quote).  You see this can change the world, the church and the lives of people. 

So ask yourself…are you impatient, hate waiting, have tendencies of ADD moments?  Then use it to glorify God.  Run ahead of the pack.  Change the world.  Change lives.  Be a rebel.  God will do some great things in and through you.  Now GO!

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