The Struggle is Real

Man….so many struggles today and honestly for the past 2 weeks.  It has been a whirlwind of emotion and frustration.  People I know and meet are hurting and struggling. Choices that need to be made, need to be made today.  Hope that people need right now, needs to flow like a river.  Myself I have been dealing with some health struggles and wondering why now….seriously, why now.  My anxiety and worry has been flourishing more than anything these days.

I think a lot of it is from worry about health and also some about future.  I know that Scripture tells me not to worry about tomorrow but you know that is easier said than done.  What will my future look like 5-10 years from now?  What will happen to the denomination I love? Yeah we have struggles but I desire for us to stay together.  My wife of 22+ years is my best friend and true soulmate.  That is not a struggle and I have that going for me.  What about our kids?  I mean one will graduate college in a few years while another will be going through it.  Wow, they sure do grow up quick.  Have I told them everything that I needed to tell them?  Did I share my heart enough with them?  Was I too hard on them as a dad?  Was I a good spiritual dad to them?

I realize that life comes in waves.  Waves of peace and prosperity. Waves of highs and lows and sometimes waves of struggle and worry.  So what else is there to say.  I am in a season of worry about health, ministry and my kids.  I want the best for my kids, I want the best out of the ministry God has given to me (yes God is very gracious and without that I am nothing), I want my health not to be a factor in all this.  So for me to say the struggle is real, is an honest statement and I believe in being honest and open. 

So here is my cry to God today….Send Your peace like no other.  Scripture tells me that it is a peace which passes ALL understanding and I need that right now.  Some joy, some hope, some healing, some peace…needs to flow over me like a river.  I am willing to wade in the water and let the waves go above me but I need God’s peace to overwhelm.  Overwhelm Holy Spirit…I need this struggle to go away. 


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  1. Praying for that peace for you, Sean. I pray for better health and I pray for less worry which contributes to ill health and slower healing. I have learned that yesterday (literally and figuratively) is over and nothing you can do to change it. God knows you did the best to your capability. It would be good you could just take one day a time and handle your life that way. Take care of today. What I have seen of you and Robin is very spiritual. You are God’s people and I’m sure you have been good role models for your children. You have another opportunity to show them how to handle difficulties and worry is not the answer.
    I have lived on this earth a long time and used to worry about everything. I learned it did nothing. it certainly did not “add a day to my life”. You are going through a “Job” trial….you can beat this!
    Know you are blessed.
    Sue West

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