Compelled by Love


Compelled by Love

Life is so confusing.  It has hurts, pains, tragedy and so many other negative things that lead us to just sit around and hurt or be depressed.  I really hate this and it affects my life too.  I feel depression and anxiety rise up in me and it is such a battle to keep it away.  It is every day we have judgement and condemnation of people who are different or do things differently than we do.  Most of the time the people of the church are some of the worst.  It causes people to reflect on less joy, less love and less God.  So today I am deciding to do something different.  I am going to allow my life to be compelled by love.  Yes…moved, radically changed, bubbling over with love.  I pray that the example I live affects other people.  People with no judgement, no condemnation and show more grace, more love and more peace.  “Blessed are the peace-makers.”

We must learn or change our lives to be compelled by love.  In a life full of love there is less hate, less pain, no judgement and it comes with more love, more grace and more mercy.  This means that my life and your life has to live a life of love.  Love of God and a love of people.  It is a driving force our lives.  Live a life of love.  Be compelled by love.  Show more and more grace and mercy on others.  Holy Spirit move in me and allow me to experience opportunities to share life, show love and give hope.  I want to be compelled by God’s love.  I want to share more and more of God’s grace.  I am choosing today to be compelled by love.


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