Haiti Broke My Heart


So I’m back from Haiti and still trying to process everything.  Honestly, I am trying not to cry every 5 minutes when I think about the orphans and the great people we met there.  It has been a long time for me to go out on mission like Haiti.  I have been to Mexico but still not quite the same as what I saw there.  I have done multiple home missions from inner city, local, smokey mountains, and even missions in other states.  However, it does not compare to what I saw or experienced last week. What I know is that my life and my view of my own country will never be the same.  I am glad I live in the states but I do believe that Americans have gone way off the deep end when it comes to how we live and how we love. 

Here is what I am trying to say.  We fuss and complain about not having enough things, enough pay, enough of anything and yet statistically we are still so far above the rest of the world. I am not going to say to you that you need to go off and sell it all (unless that is what God wants you to do but I will let Him make that decision). The only ones that would understand this life of having nothing would be the homeless in America & year after year we have more homeless in America and a much bigger gap in finances between the lower and upper income levels.  (But that is for another blog post)

It is not that I ignored it all before but going to a very poor country opened my eyes even wider.  What I realize is that I am truly blessed by God with a family that loves me, a wife that loves me (most days) and everything I really need living wise.  I also realized that the rest of the world needs a lot more love and attention that is being given to it.  I went to multiple orphanages this past week and what I learned is that every child was in a place of desperation for deep, heart felt love from someone.  It was then that I became dad to many kids that just wanted attention, a hug or someone to color with.  I absolutely loved hanging out with these wonderful children.  I loved praying for the young man that was deaf and dumb and instead of God healing him, he healed me by allowing this boy to grin from ear to ear and give me the biggest hug I had all day.

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My eyes were opened to the fact that I complain about my food sometimes and these kids will be lucky to get more than one meal a day and maybe no protein at all.  The Kore Foundation is doing great strides to help people and the children but they can’t do it without our help.  I never realized that brain development was tied to protein intake and if these kids do not get a least some protein that they will not develop correctly.  And yet…..I get what I need every day….

My heart sank as I held a young girl that obviously had some mental challenges and I could help make a difference.  I saw a young boy that had yellowing hair and all due to malnourishment.  I saw kids digging in the trash pile looking for something to have for that day and I sit in my home comfortable with all the food I need.  It hurts…real bad….but what can one person do?

I am realizing that I can make a big difference and that is by changing my life to not focus on the physical aspects of life but more on the life of others.  It was Jesus that said “Whatever you do unto these, you have also done unto me.”  What else can I do God….you broke my heart in Haiti.  I know what I can do…change one life…..yes…..one life.

You see when you focus on one life at a time you make waves of changes in that person’s life that affect families, homes and communities.  Raul was a poor man.  I say was because now he owns a chicken farm (thanks to KORE) and now he has a life, a purpose and above all a knowledge that it was God that provided it.  I met Sue who has given up her life to care for orphans in a very corrupt adoption system and how do you know changes are being made…. you sit in the quiet you hear the singing of songs glorifying God by many little children all thanks to Sue.  Maybe you meet a van driver who is hurt by the appearance of his country but is still joyful because he has a wife of 37 years, a job and Jesus.  “Pastor…all Haiti needs is more Jesus.” 

Man, that says it all doesn’t it?  All Haiti needs is more Jesus.  All the orphans need is more Jesus.  All the families need is more Jesus…All I need is more Jesus.  All….I…Need….is more Jesus….

I want to make a difference in this world.  I want to see people have “more Jesus.”  So how is Haiti helping with this?  One, I know that I can make a difference by sponsoring meals for at least one child through the KORE 625 plan (http://www.korefoundation.org/our-story/what-we-do)   I also know that the God prompt for adoption that hit us years ago has now raised it’s head again.  Ok GOD….I’m ready….I’m preparing….send us a child that we can help give a home to.  One life at a time…that is all it takes….Just one…


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  1. I had many of those same feelings when I got back and tried to process them all…I will pray for continued wisdom and discernment in the day and …months to come…I am still processing some of it…

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