Impact (Part 2)


Impact (Part 2)

So we are on this evangelism topic and one question I keep asking is how we transform all those who love Jesus more than anything into people who love to lead people to Jesus.   I don’t know about you but I love coffee and eating.  Daily I see myself in a place where I can find one or even both.  So as I thought about this I kept thinking that maybe this is the mission field I am called to.  Maybe this is the easiest way for each of us to leave a Christ like impression in our communities.  Think about this…we go to the same restaurants, same coffee places, same grocery stores and other establishments and what if our intentional engagement is in the lives of those in these places.

I love what Ed Stetzer asks in Christianity Today;

“The question is how we do so biblically, with clear gospel proclamation, aware that               we are enmeshed in our own culture?”

How do we do this?  It starts with conversation.  Uh oh…..introverts disperse and hide.  I’m kidding but introverts are way much better at one on one conversations that say me (over extrovert) but we all have a place in the communication realm of society.  Let’s get back to the conversation piece and allow ourselves to intentionally talk to people.  Ask questions like:

  • How is your day here at __________ coffee place?
  • So do you like working here at _____________ grocery store?
  • Man I love that bracelet does it have any meaning?
  • Or whatever other conversational questions…..

It is part of who we are to discuss, talk and just be in conversation with people.  People will surprisingly come out of their shell and engage you. My wife and I were getting some items at Walmart a couple weeks ago and we struck up an intentional conversation with a lady in one of the departments.  The conversation began with just how is your day and then eventually led to us talking about families and then……a talk about her son with cancer.  Can we say God ordained appointment?  We, in that moment in the middle of Walmart prayed for this wonderful lady and listened to her heart and her expression of thanks through words and tears.  We knew that this would have never happened if we had not talked to someone intentionally at a place that we frequent often.  Can I challenge you?  Talk to people and then use what I call “Holy Listening.”  Listen to hearts, stories, lives and hear the joys, hurts and pain and allow God to move though you in that very moment to transform another person.  The largest piece is that we are in that brief or not so brief moment the Christ-like example to someone in their life.


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