Impact (Part 1)


What is about evangelism that scares people?  I know we get this idea that in order to evangelize we all have to be just like Billy Graham or someone along those lines.  I know that the act of approaching someone to engage in a conversation of faith can sometimes be very leery.  What happens is that within us there comes this fear that what if I don’t know what to say or what if they totally reject me.  Can I encourage you……it’s ok to be rejected because of your faith.

Evangelism doesn’t have to be all about whether we have the right words or not.  It is not about having some big degree in evangelism or even public speaking but what it requires is love.  Hear me out…love will transform not only us but also the lives of those around us.  If we have a deep desire to love people despite their outward conditions then what happens is this connection like no other, opens doors for the Gospel to be poured out in words, actions or both.  Che Ahn in Fire Evangelism says that love is the top priority in why we try to reach people for Christ.  We have to ask the “why” we do things and at some point in our ministries we get to the root of the fact is that we are in the ministry of reaching people for the Gospel.  Che Ahn also says this about people who go share the light of Christ:

“The go because they have fallen in love with the great Lover. The go because they have been set free by the great Liberator. The love Him and they want that love to reach others.  It is too good to keep to themselves.”[1]

So above all things, Evangelism is about love.  Loving Christ and as a natural outpouring of that love for Christ is to others around you.  I say this to say that if you truly love people you will share Christ with them.  People are hurt and broken, torn and battered and they deserve Christ.  Could you imagine what would happen if we decided to stop hating and hurting others and begin to love others with that unconditional love that Christ offers?  For God sent His son to lavish His love on all people through the cross.  As we learn to love….let’s make an IMPACT in this world.

[1] Ahn, Che.  Fire Evangelism.  (Chosen, Grand Rapids), 30.


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