Everyone Matters


Every Person has Value

What does this mean to us?  The dictionary says, “Consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of.”  So then the question becomes why do we not consider all people worthy no matter how different they may be?   We all are all different.  Take a look in the mirror and then look at other people. ….yep different.  We are raised different, we look different and we have differing opinions.  Society has lost respect for others and unfortunately it resides in the church as well.  The church has lost the respect for people and in fact does not see everyone as having value.  Ok, the church probably values a few so let’s just call it “selective value.”  We see that we need to help some people but maybe not all people.  However, Christ calls us to love and respect all people.  If He didn’t he wouldn’t have told us to love our enemies.  He wouldn’t have shared the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10.  Jesus wouldn’t have loved on Zacchaeus and shown him grace.    He wouldn’t have forgiven the prostitute or even taken time out with the woman at the well.  Yet in all these stories Jesus saw that every person has value…every person is worthy of God and a life filled with grace and hope.

The question then becomes; why doesn’t the church (universal) share the same opinion?  We seem to pick and choose who give the worth to.  We might to a group of starving kids but we shout out negativity to people who have a different sexual orientation than what we may have.  We criticize someone going through a change and yet instead of loving the person for the Kingdom value we make jokes or condemn (i.e. Caitlyn Jenner). I believe that truth and love go hand in hand but also that every person has value and deserves to have a life in Jesus.   So the challenge to us is to love beyond earthly expectations and to love the person with the heart of God.


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