Faith and Dogs


I love dogs.  I mean sometimes when you are in a place that you just need someone or something to show some unconditional love, do we not find it sometimes in our pets.  I have always thought that the mutt was the best of the dogs.  Not just one particular breed but a culmination of other dogs which made them better.  As I think about it, we all are in some ways a mutt type person when it comes to our faith and our traditions.  I personally grew up in the Presbyterian Church, changed to Episcopal, later became a Methodist but then planted a Wesleyan church.  Went to seminary in a southern Baptist school and my family heritage was the Church of God.  I am either well blended or just flat out confused.

I am now a Methodist Pastor where my heart belongs and where God has called me.  Although I see things through many different films today when it comes to faith and tradition, it does NOT change my view of the Gospel.  I would say that I see more of the good things of all the traditions and try to implement them into my life, my preaching and the way I do ministry.  Some have called me more Metho-Bapti-costal.  In other words I have a heart like a Methodist, full of love and grace, believe deeply in the church and the view of Methodist grace but also committed to fighting the social injustice in this world.  I am also a smidge Baptist and believe that the Gospel and Evangelism are a big part of who I am.  I preach Jesus and His amazing salvation but know that God’s grace is not cheap grace and that it calls for a life of surrendering to Christ and repenting of our old self.  I also feel that we need to be in the highway and byways of the world to share the good news of Christ.  Lastly I have this smidge of me that is Pentecostal.  I believe in the ever present power of the Holy Spirit and all the gifts of the Spirit.  It is something that is a part of my life and it empowers me to do the will of the Lord in my life and ministry.

I am proud to say that I am a Metho-Bapti-costal but I know that God will use anyone that He chooses to use no matter where we are, how we grew up, what ethnicity or gender we may be or even who we are today.  God is stronger in our weakness.  God is greater when we decrease. God loves the imperfect, blended, humble mutt that each of us are today.


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