Stop the Injustice!!!

One thing that has really been plaguing me here lately is the ignoring of the injustice in this world. Let me explain…. I see homeless men, women and children being neglected on a daily basis.  I see children and families starving because of the lack of sustenance of food.  I hear stories of kids dying due to preventable diseases.  Daily boys and girls are ripped from their homes in this world and taken into the sex slave industry.  I see the elderly dying too soon because of a lack of basic necessities.  I see people struggling each day with having enough finances to provide for their families and most of those don’t have insurance to take care of their medical issues.  I see young African-American boys and girls or even other races here in America that are judged based on the color of their skin…..yes still in 2015.

Christ called each of us to look after those in need no matter what the cost may be.  Matthew 9:36 says; When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”  Jesus SAW and then HAD COMPASSION.  Please hear me…I am not being hypocritical at all.  I see people on corners and we stop and give money or food.  We take care of the homeless in our church.  We started a food pantry to help feed those in need.  Sometimes I wish I had enough money to pour out more but know that God gives me just what I need but wants you and me to continue to be examples with what we have.

Slavery in America and in the world is worse today than it was years ago.  It tears me up to know that children are taken into the sex slave industry and sold to people to be used in such a way.  There are some great ministries out there that are working hard to end it and I love what they do and will support them as best I can.

It frustrates me to see people still judged based on the color of their skin.  Please hear me…..I am Caucasian…yes white.  I did go to Ford Greene in downtown Nashville (a predominately African American school) I also went to Tennessee State University (at that point primarily African American).  It was a God thing that these experiences were placed in my life….why…because coming from a very southern/Christian background I learned to love all races, creeds and cultures.  I love that God gives me this heart for all people in spite of their differences.  I have a friend who is African American and was arrested and put in prison for 20+ years and found out that he did not do the crime.  Yet he suffers from rejection and can’t find a job.  We (together) have been trying to break down these walls but just can’t get a break.  I cry out INJUSTICE!!! Because he deserves to have a normal life like anyone else.

What has to happen is that the church (the people) have to rise up against the injustices in this world.  We have to be willing to stand up for what is wrong and what is right in this world.  A unified force CAN change the world but we have to be willing to take on the stripes as Christ did.  We have to be willing to get rejected and scorned.  We have to be willing to Count the Cost.

Ok that is the end of my rant.  (Exit Soapbox)


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