“The Journey” Part 1


So I am going to write a book.  I have had this outline for a long time.  It is going to be about the missional movement church in connection to relationships.  For a long time I have contemplated the transference of just a common practice of conversation and meeting people and just how that connects to the missional impact it can have on the church.

What I am realizing is that we have lost the true desire to really connect to people.  Now I am a tech person.  I love social media and all sorts of gadgets but can society really form those deep rooted connections that happen face to face as Christ did when He was in human form.

One of the biggest impacts a church can have is through mission but the greater impact is to do mission in context to connecting with a person on a relational level.  Relationships open doors to deeper and more intimate connections that reflect the image of Christ in all of us.  What I want to do is for the next few months make connections to people by just talking and passionately pouring Christ into them.  What I propose is to talk to random people that I do not know just with the intent of forming relationships.  It is honestly the best thing not only for what I am working on but also for the church universal.  Now I expect to talk to people of all sorts.  Some in church but my prayer is more not in relationship with any church.  You see my desire is to connect to people who do not know the love and passion that my Savior has for them.  I also want to purposefully connect to the people disenfranchised with the church today.  I want to hear their heart and understand their hurts but also their desires (changes) for the church today. Here is the cool thing…I’m not trying to build the membership of my church. (It may naturally happen but it is NOT my intent) What I am looking for is a natural transference of relationships and how the missional Christ model can affect people.

If you are willing to help me on this let me know.  It will be fun, challenging and an eye opening experience.  Missional movements are a huge impact on the world but nothing can compare to a relationship with someone as they connect to Christ in a deeper more intimate way.  Journey with me as we connect the missional focused church to relationships and let’s see how God moves.


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