One of My Heroes


Have you ever had someone who you classify as a hero?  Now not some fictional super hero but someone real in your life.  Now what about a spiritual hero that has spoken into your life and changed you by just being a part of your life?  Now I know for me it was my grandfather who was a great man of God.  He just passed about two weeks ago and to me he was one of my spiritual heroes. (My mother who passed a few years ago was another great hero of mine) He was a pastor of over 70 years and a church planter of over 30 churches.  What made him such a hero to me was the amazing conversations we had talking ministry and the huge amount of times we talked about just being a pastor.  It is during those conversations that my walk as a pastor grew but also it gave me hope in what I do in faith.  Faith has been a big part of my life and we as a family made some pretty big faith moves.  Some were pretty crazy and we were challenged on them but the eternal rewards for being faithful outweigh what others have said.  This is what I loved about my grandfather…he would encourage my faith walk.  He would challenge me to take bigger risks for the Kingdom.  I tell you what…I am going to miss him a ton.  It will be a little quieter during my weeks not having that Granddad talk.  What I do know is that a good and faithful servant finally made it home.  Love you Granddad.  You will be terribly missed.


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