Impaired Faith

no faith

When we think of faith what do we think of???  Maybe it is trusting in yourself or maybe you actually trust in a God that can do anything.  Faith in itself can lead to many things that are transformational.  I know it is hard to see sometimes the changes that are needed to happen but when we rely on faith anything is possible.  Hardly ever when I have depended on myself has the outcome I wanted really come out the way I wanted it.  In fact the result usually ended up being worse than when I started.  Now, faith in God and trusting in HIM for direction or circumstances will lead to a much better result even though a lot of times the initial get go is not where we thought we were going.

All this said I have been praying for some really big things to happen in me and my life.  Most of it is just directional items and where God is leading me.  Other things include questions of how HE could use me more and better.  What I am discovering is that with the faith I have in Christ I can do almost anything to help change people around me through the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in me.  I am also learning that God answers all prayers, yes…ALL prayers.  Now the answer a lot of times is not exactly the way we might want it but it will be answered.  Here is the other cool thing and that is a combination of faith and prayer together can change the world.  Here is my dilemma….I am not seeing as many people of God truly deepen themselves or maybe the better word is immerse themselves in a faith that has no bounds.  I know for a fact that God can change, move, transform, heal  anything HE wants to change no matter what we might say about freewill.  This is a God that created all things and knows all things.  He doesn’t need us but chooses to use us to transform the face of the world.

So this faith that has no bounds is lacking in a lot of people today and I mean believers.  My question becomes why?  Why don’t we believe?  Why don’t we trust…just because a prayer went a different direction?  So when this happens we decrease our faith and dependence on Christ.  I think this is where we have to step it up.  One, pray to thank God for answering and then keep on trucking to see great things happen but what has happened is our faith becomes impaired.  Our faith becomes “Diminished, damaged, or weakened.” All because we lose trust in an amazing God and Savior that has us on HIS heart at all times.  I did say that…HE, the God of the universe, has YOU on HIS heart at all times.  When our faith lacks, let HIS abound.  When we feel diminished rest in HIS amazing grace and mercy and know HE is always there for us.  It is time to go from impaired faith to rejuvenated faith, faith that has NO BOUNDS.  I am here to tell someone that GOD is still in the healing business.  God still owns the rights to the ministry of provision.  God started and owns the ministry of reconciliation.  WHY???  Because HIS GRACE ABOUNDS TO US ALL.  HIS faith is limitless.  He is ever FAITHFUL!  Let your faith rise to the challenge.


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