Prayer is Not Optional

I know this seems like some contrite saying from me but honestly we have to get back to the basics of prayer and what it does.  Here at church I re-started a prayer group to focus on the church, staff and leadership to pray that God move in the body of the church and with her leaders.  I love it when prayer changes lives and churches to a place where we can be open to see the amazing works and power of Christ that lives in us.  I love to see real healing and salvation.  I love to see real reconciliation.  But…let’s come back to the original statement.  “Prayer is not optional.”  In the Bible Jesus says that “My house shall be a house of prayer.”  What we forget is that it was commanded of us to seek Christ through prayer.  It doesn’t always have to be when we need something either.  It can be just to thank God for all He is and is doing.  

Yesterday was tough for us because I had a doctor appointment in Knoxville and all went really well.  On the way home we blew a tire going 70 on I-40.  What a scare that was but in the end God kept us safe, put us in a place where I tons of room to change the tire, and kept all the cars and one semi from harm and harming us.  It was truly amazing.  I really don’t remember how I go to the side of the road but I did and God helped us.  It was in this time that one I had to cry for sheer thankfulness for God’s protection but also a time to just thank Him for all the times He has been there with all of us.

I heard a pastor once say…”I spend 90% of my prayers just thanking God for everything and the other 10% just thanking Him even more.”  Profound that prayer doesn’t have to been a list of details of what we want but a submission to Him and thankful for all HE is.

So again I say that prayer is not a option, it is a requirement. Pray hard!


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