Catching on Fire

You know I love this quote from John Wesley, “Catch on fire and others will love to come watch you burn.” I think that in that spirit or context that once we have this “fire” will people come and watch us burn or better yet get caught up in the fire?  I love to see people changed for the glory of God but I also want more than just change.  I want to see them “ON FIRE” for Christ.  The question then becomes…how does that happen.  Honestly it starts with us….yes look in the mirror.  As Wesley said, “Catch on fire,”  as in you and me catching on fire and I think that in the aftermath (great verbiage from Hillsong United) that not only will people watch but they will be consumed by the fire.  Remember the stories of the Disciples and in Acts 2 when Peter preached an amazing sermon…over 3000 people were saved from that message. Now that is a fire that is all consuming.  I think my thought now becomes how do I catch more of this “fire” but also how do I maintain the fire even during those times when I just don’t feel like burning.  The Kingdom of God depends on each of us staying on fire and not letting the fire burn out or even get to a smolder.  Catch on Fire!


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